What is Rapid Tooling? What are the advantages? How fast is the production?

What is Rapid Tooling? What are the advantages? How fast is the production?

Mold for industry is a mainstream and conventional manufacturing technology, rapid mold, as the name suggests that is the production of mold time is short, faster than conventional mold production to more than 1.5 times. Both are molds, rapid mold why so fast? Our industrialists have years of experience in manufacturing various kinds of rapid tooling. For example, we have stock sizes for our rapid tooling, so that the tooling can be shared without duplicating production and processing work, and only fine-tuning can be done. Our industrial people’s rapid die rarely use automatic inserts and sliders, basically they use manual operation. Quick mold customer itself to the mass production requirements are not high, in the production is not high, manual instead of intelligent automation, will be more advantageous. Of course there are more quick tips and details when making quick molds, and there will be more detailed process breakdown for customer’s drawings.

Quick mold why is called quick mold

Moulds have a wide range and involve a wide range of industries, moulds can be called the mother of industrial manufacturing, and it can even be said that there is no new product without moulds. Today we will talk about the rapid steel die within the mold range, also called soft die.

Fast steel mold itself is not the mainstream of industrial manufacturing process, many manufacturing professionals are not very clear what fast mold is and its use, the industry called different, fast mold, fast soft mold, fast steel mold, fast aluminum mold, etc. are its name. Called different, in fact, the demand is similar, that is “for fast”.

The advantages of fast aluminum mold.

  1. Aluminum mold modeling production easy to modify (aluminum has good plasticity and processing properties)
  2. Fast time (aluminum processing fast)
  3. Aluminum materials ordered from stock (today’s order can arrive tomorrow for processing)
  4. Mold can do texture, polishing

Disadvantages of fast aluminum mold.

  1. mold life between 1K-1W
  2. Mold injection production is not subject to pressure

Fast mold can play what role

Fast mold is generally used in the R&D trial stage, but also used in the production of various products with low output. The rapid die is sometimes also called a test die, before the mass production of products to make a set of rapid die to do experiments, out of the formal mold before the engineering structure verification. Rapid die is low cost, short time consuming, and can find its unreasonable in time before the formal mold production, so that the engineering research and development personnel can visually see the problem on the rapid die, and then make corrections to the mold product drawings to improve the service life of the formal mold.

What kind of products are suitable for quick mold

Plastic parts with output batches less than 5000 are very suitable to be finished by rapid mold. Low mold cost, short production time, fast transformation, the new era of product appearance change speed is unimaginable. For example, cell phones, cars, some products, consumers just bought not long before there are new products on the shelves. In the era of rapid change of consumer products, fast mold has a great role.

Do rapid mold production, choose Industrial Man rapid prototyping

Industrial Man has 20 years of accumulation of many kinds of rapid prototyping technology and tens of millions of new product development processing and production experience. Industrial Man has a strong team that can precisely interface with customers for one-to-one professional cooperation, especially in rapid mold with considerable professional ability as well as dedicated entrepreneurial spirit. With the advantages of our Industrial Man product production, quick and easy molds can be completed in as little as three days from mold design to mold production out of the finished product!