V1 Order Management System

OMS is a SaaS-based platform that provides a one-stop end-to-end management approach for project management by providing a platform for collaborating with clients/platforms/suppliers to follow up on project progress, check the accuracy of project documents and preview documents online. Hereinafter referred to as "OMS".
V1 Order Management System

Project Management System (PMS)

V1 Prototype Industry Digital Service Platform provides enterprise level project solutions and product support for the parts industry. A number of industry benchmarks are using V1 PROJECT to develop project plans, coordinate teams and manage parts manufacturing schedules and processes. Full-cycle tracking and control of parts projects, and borderless communication between companies and customers.

Diversified project assistance

From prototype design to regular production processes such as ordering raw materials, machining, surface treatment and shipping, the whole process is covered and configured on demand to meet all kinds of project collaboration; whether it is in-house production design or outsourced processing, project follow-up and collaboration is easily accomplished through the Project Management System (PMS).

Project process automation

Whether it is a prototype making project process or a component part processing type project, it can be easily created and visually displayed in the OMS project management system by selecting a process template.

Flexible and customisable project management software

Secondary development for company prototype projects such as custom fields/layouts/views/templates/processes/permissions... There are even APIs and plug-ins to interface with other systems, such as importing from MS Project, or single sign-on with other accounts, or synchronising data, etc. Make the software an upgrade in manageability.

Reduce communication costs

With the Project Management System (PMS) in the digital service platform for the prototype industry, suppliers and customers are effectively integrated in the project implementation process; multiple stakeholders are synchronised and tracked online in real time, effectively reducing communication costs and tracing organisational process assets at any time.

Supply Chain Management Systems (SCM)

V1 Prototype digital service platform - Supply Chain Management System, centralizes a series of businesses such as customer sourcing, orders, delivery and financial transactions, digitally manages the whole business process, builds efficient supply chain collaboration within and between companies, and reduces corporate communication and operational costs. Improve supply chain efficiency, so that every business is accurate and under control. 


Building a complete supply chain cooperation system

Due to the specific nature of the prototype and die industry, support for supplier entry, centralised data management and integration with supplier systems and catalogues can make it easier for organisations to improve efficiency, reduce lifecycle times and cut costs and the risk of human error.

Optimising direct and indirect procurement

Realise the full potential of your supply chain with advanced analytics and catalogue management Control all spend and upgrade strategic sourcing capabilities through comprehensive supplier management across all categories.

Real-time collaboration with suppliers

By integrating collaborative systems into operations, the entire team can benefit from the way they work with suppliers. v1-SCM Supply Chain Management is a secure cloud-based solution that fosters best practices in corporate supplier relationships and ensures quality, compliance.

Metrics-driven supply chain optimisation

Track compliance and performance in real time to optimise the supply chain in line with current requirements. Repair or replace suppliers with unacceptable levels of risk. Identify opportunities to negotiate better terms and work with key suppliers on mutually beneficial schemes.