Which method is more cost-effective, such as prototype 3D printing or CNC processing?

Which method is more cost-effective, such as prototype 3D printing or CNC processing?

During prototype proofing, some products can be made either by CNC processing or by 3D printing. Because CNC processing is relatively complicated and the workload is larger than 3D printing in theory, most customers take it for granted that CNC processing is more expensive than 3D printing. Is this the case?

Li Gong, the professional master of precision models, introduced the differences between the two processing methods in detail

According to Li, CNC processes need to be programmed and disassembled. Generally, a CNC machine needs 3-4 people, which means a large labor cost. Therefore, the cost of CNC mainly depends on the complexity of parts and material consumption. The more complex the parts are, the greater the workload of disassembly and programming is, and the more complex the post-processing splicing process is, the more labor hours are required and the higher the cost is.

However, it is cost-effective to use CNC processing for hand boards with simple structure and large volume. 3D printing is mainly charged by weight. For small products with complex structures and processes, 3D printing may be more expensive.

Therefore, when 3D printing and CNC processing are used as a prototype, it is uncertain which price is cheaper. It needs to be analyzed according to the actual situation.

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