Why do we need to use the new & anodic die-casting aluminium alloy?

Why do we need to use the new & anodic die-casting aluminium alloy?

In order to meet the challenges posed by the market, we had to meet the industry’s needs with innovative technology, therefore we develop the new aluminium alloy material AD68 – this new material can solve industry pain points and process technology challenges, the advantages of the this new material are obvious such as: reducing costs by approximately 50%, increasing production efficiency by approximately 30% and more colours and variants on the appearance of metal products.

1, Greatly reduce the cost of traditional processing: new anodic die-casting aluminium alloy, subvert the existing aluminum alloy traditional CNC manufacturing method,achieving 50% reduction in cost (using the production method of die-casting oxidation, cycle time can be shorted for multiple products so that the cost reduced and profit improved at the end).

2、Rapidly improve production efficiency: new aluminium alloy AD68 features: good fluidity, high hardness,it can be die-cast as well as oxidized to meet different customer’s needs.

Good thermal conductivity and fluidity, low temperature die casting 630-660°C, which improves the problems from the die-casting production processing and greatly shorten the manufacturing cycle.

For example, machine stress is reduced, energy saving and capacity efficiency is increased; eliminate product flashes, quality improving, production process consumption is substantially reduced so that the profit can be increased.

3. Colourful and diverse styles: new aluminium alloys can be anodized, with a wide range of colours and uniform colours. It can be widely used in 3C electronic products, new energy automobile interior, rail transportation and other fields to improve the appearance quality and texture of products.