What is the process of 3D printing for rapid product validation

What is the process of 3D printing for rapid product validation

Due to the rapidity, low cost, high precision, surface finish and ease of post-processing of 3D printed items, they are often used by manufacturers for product verification, so that they can print the product several times at low cost without the need to make a mould, here is how the process of 3D printing for rapid product verification works

According to the drawings sent by the customer, we decided to use 3D printing rapid prototyping to complete, this time printing up to 30 or so product appearance parts, workpiece size up to 532.6mm.

3D printing solutions:

1, the number of printed product parts is large, we choose photosensitive resin material with high precision, through the slicing software we divide it into 1759 layers for printing, layer thickness 0.1mm, high precision and fast speed, the printed parts have a smooth surface.

Support by slicing software plus

Printing on the machine

Alcohol cleaning

Removal of support

Burr removal


2、Fast sanding, painting and other post-treatment, after fine post-treatment, the surface of the product is more polished appearance more fashionable and simple technology.

Paint spraying
  1. Most of the printed parts need to be assembled by hand to complete, our skilled assemblers assemble them according to the drawings and restore them efficiently.

3D printing of perfect prototypes presents:

Top view of 3D printed model
Front view of 3D printed model
3D printed model logo detail
3D printed model assembly and post-processing display of the finished product