What are the key factors for rapid prototyping?

What are the key factors for rapid prototyping?

There are more and more prototype production companies, and the competition in the prototype industry is more and more fierce, but the quality of the prototype produced is also mixed. Why do we need to focus on the process of making the prototype?

Some customers care about price, some customers care about quality, some customers emphasize delivery time, and some customers only look at fate. What kind do you belong to?

In fact, V1 thinks that both price, quality and delivery date are very important in the process of prototype production. If we only pay attention to price and do not pay attention to quality, we may end up with a prototype that does not meet the requirements. Repeated rework delays the production of products. I believe that no procurement or technology is willing to assume this responsibility.

Customers who pay attention to the quality of prototype are either large enterprises with consistent pursuit of quality, or have special requirements for quality due to the need of product positioning. This customer V1 is also very welcome. No matter big customers or small customers, the prototype production provided by V1 is of high standard.

Finally, let’s talk about the delivery date. A professional prototype company will have perfect production management, production and quality control processes. Such a company can certainly guarantee the quality and delivery date of prototype production. V1 precision model is such a prototype processing enterprise. If you just need to do prototype, you can come to V1 rapid prototyping to learn about it.