The relationship between quality and output of die casting products

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In changing the international development of technology changes, the contemporary society to the requirement of green environmental protection, and realize the automotive lightweighting etc, need every enterprise on product yield and quality are put forward higher request, request product wall thickness is thinner, the more complex structure, the more integrated, the less porosity, higher mechanical strength and higher efficiency, and so on, a series of high demand, high standards, how to real Now one by one has become the research topic of each of our die casting enterprises.

From product to development, and then to mass production, the realization of 3D drawings into real objects from a two-stage process. Research and development phase of the product manufacturing every problem to get to the bottom of the solution. In the early stage of the mold development process, we should have the production process encounter problem solving and production problem solving, and collect the development process problems for derivatives and promotion, and fully incorporated into the operation file, to prevent similar problems from happening again.

1.Matters needing attention in the R&D process

(1) based on the analysis of product structure of mature technology of die casting, optimization to improve the products in a reasonable manner, satisfies the requirement of the principle of uniform wall thickness of the die casting technology, the thickness of the position in a reasonable manner to communicate effectively with customers optimization, is responsible for the simplification of shape, joint development for can make more high quality product structure and scheme;

(2) die and carry on various came early review will be easy to wrong location, structure, consider a backup plan, in the process of analysis, how to we can't solve the problem of thinking to consider an alternative can lead to more excellent scheme, prevent solution after failure does not have the space to improve, to repeat consider when production plan optimization space;

(3) In the initial trial production process, product problems and mold production problems shall be collected and fed back to the product engineer in charge and the mold factory. Keep up - to - date problem information to the decision - making party, to solve, to avoid similar problems in the future. Only good mold quality, in order to mass production, improve output and ensure quality;

(4) It is very important to rationalize the choice of molten aluminum: to improve the quality of products, such as automotive products to improve the mechanical properties of products, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of magnesium in raw materials to improve the tensile strength and yield strength of products; Or communication products need to improve the product directing rate, the need for smelting aluminum water aluminum phase silicon proportion adjustment to put forward higher requirements;

(5) is very important to ensure the normal operation of equipment automation can, at the beginning of the mould for production tooling during the production of switch, can lead to more or less production unit fault, need to quickly ruled out to solve the problem of equipment automation personnel, at the same time for equipment automation personnel also had a higher level and requirements, to ensure that the function of advanced production unit;

(6) rationalization of tooling design, especially the detection of key characteristics of multiple products, such as product thickness, weight loss, interference position, leakage, bubble experiment and so on seriously affect the quality characteristics of products; Among them, the big problem is often in the inspection method and inspection tooling prone to problems, such as measuring tools can not identify product characteristics;

(7) Fully consider the characteristics of the die casting mold on the erosion of the mold gate and the problem of cracking in the later stage of the product; Whether to cut inserts and make spare molds should be fully considered.

2.Matters needing attention in the mass production stage

(1) Batch production quality problems emerge in endlessly, is closely related to the production and manufacturing process, each production link may occur batch quality accidents, such as melting return charge inspection is not strict, easy to lead to the large melting furnace aluminum water scrap, resulting in the production of multiple machine products all scrap;

(2) Process control is also very important in die casting production, including appearance size control and internal quality control. Real-time monitoring of product changes in the production process, and take timely measures, otherwise cause unnecessary waste, which means that now monitoring must be subdivided in each production unit for responsibility system, and abnormal rapid processing, and the results of feedback, to ensure the product; Efficient and rapid resumption of production;

(3) Defects found in the post-processing of products, such as lack of meat, succulent meat, air holes, size deviation, etc., should be fed back quickly, processed on the mold, and verified and labeled records should be made to prevent the recurrence of the same type of defects;

(4) In the mass production stage, the maintenance of mold tooling is extremely key. In particular, strict management and control should be carried out on the production life of the mold, regular maintenance and replacement of spare parts, and the shape and size of the product into a regular kettle, and the existing situation of the mold for regular comprehensive evaluation, so as to provide accurate information to the production unit;

(5) die-casting, especially field management, is also very important: for example, switching time control of access tools and tools; Punch, connected head, spraying T, cooling water and so on, the so-called sharpening wood cutting, only ready to work after the tooling, avoid continuous production because of tooling problems and stop production; For example, in the production process of mold, push plate screw loosening, slide block screw falling, push rod broken, core broken and so on, the factors affecting the continuous production are excluded, so that it can continue to produce, only continuous production can make the quality stable, improve the quality.

In short in our research and development and production in the process of die-casting products development two phases are interdependent, only found the problems in the process of research and development, to improve and control and passed to the production stages, and mass production stage will summarize the development problems of a empirical data and provides the research and development time, form a closed loop system, improve the product process of risk identification ability, development ability to lift High product quality, improve product output. Product quality and output are actually relatively independent, but also mutual assurance of the two indicators, only good quality, there is a good yield, but also only good output, to have a stable quality.