The actual model of the handcrafted model is a good idea. What is the processing process like?


With the emergence of the hand board, greatly reducing the cost of the mold, hand board in the field of mold is very big, in the mold before the opening is very necessary to do hand board to check the mold drawings. There are three ways to process the hand board model: CNC processing, 3D printing and vacuum re-moulding, so here are the main advantages and disadvantages of re-moulding the hand board and how it is processed.

First, the advantages of replica mold hand board

1, the production cost is low, hand board modeling industry, often use the vacuum silicone replica mold way to carry out small batch replication production.

2, silicone mould life can be copied to produce 10-20 pieces of the same hand board products.

3, fast, general working time: 1-4 hours / piece.

4、The standard replication accuracy of replica hand board: ±0.20mm/100mm.

5, according to customer requirements, according to different colours to produce a beautiful appearance of the product.

6、Applicable to the product structure is more complex, uniform wall thickness, to meet certain functional requirements of the prototype parts.

Second, the disadvantages of the replica mold hand board

1, need to have the original sample of the product, in order to carry out re-moulding production. The original sample referred to here can be provided by the customer, but also according to customer demand CNC processing out of the prototype sample.

2, large pieces and thin-walled products, in the vacuum re-moulding production need to consider whether there is shrinkage, resulting in small product size phenomenon.

3, hand-made prototypes can not be produced in large quantities, the cost of a single product is relatively high.

Third, the processing technology of the replica hand board

Replicate the hand plate proofing is to use the original sample, in a vacuum state, to create a silicone mold, and in a vacuum state, using PU material for pouring. If the number of prototypes required is relatively small, it is possible to use re-moulding skills. The cost of re-moulding is low, but there will be a certain percentage of shrinkage in the prototype. The price of replica moulds is lower than that of CNC. The PU material is divided into general PU, bright PU, rubber, etc. The specific process is as follows.

1、Original version: you need to make an original version before making a silicone mould, which can be made by cnc processing or 3D printing.

2、Make silicone mould: after the original version is ready, start making silicone mould, after eight hours of drying, cut the silicone mould and take out the prototype, at this time the silicone mould is ready.

3, injection: the liquid material will be injected into the silicone mould, after drying, the service life of the silicone mould is about 10 times.

The above is the introduction of matters related to the replica mold hand board, I hope it will be helpful to you. A company wants to give products to do hand board model before, must consider clearly hand board model processing method, in order to reduce costs and speed up efficiency.