Rapid prototyping of automotive seats

Rapid prototyping of automotive seats

Many model companies have never made a car seat model, especially the new car seat development leather seats. Car seats involve a wide range of processes and comprehensive technology in the production process. General model companies, such as rapid prototyping, hand board companies, will not undertake such orders

Car seat rapid prototyping

Industrial man rapid prototyping focus on show car leather embossed seats

Industrial man car seat orders are many, naturally our technical process is very skilled. After receiving the A-side data from the customer, together with the technical requirements and standards proposed by the customer, we at Industrial Man are able to complete the order project very well and ensure customer satisfaction. The ability to complete orders efficiently is due to our process analysis. Process analysis is carried out by departmental technicians specializing in engineering structural design, electrical control engineering, fabric covering, sponge production, skeleton welding and manual assembly, and they work together to produce them.

Rapid prototyping of car seats

Difficulties of seat making

1、Design of car seat skeleton forming

Designing the skeleton structure to carry the seat electric power motor, internal load wiring and wire speed switch, and designing and analyzing the skeleton feasibility.

Rapid forming of car seats

2、Rapid forming of skeleton

Using the design drawings, engineers carry out data decomposition editing, rapid mold processing, skeleton parts for stamping, fixture processing, and put each stamping decomposition of the skeleton on the fixture for assembly welding molding, power testing, mechanical testing.

Car seat rapid prototyping

3、Seat sponge cushion molding

The first set of seat sponge cushion (seat cushion) are basically used to block sponge CNC machining rapid forming. Processing process with gauges, cardboard on the size of the sponge body measurement and control.

Rapid forming of car seats

Rapid prototyping of automotive seats

4、The sponge body and seat skeleton together

The sponge body is arranged inside the steel wire, the sponge body is installed to the pre-designed position of the skeleton, and the steel wire head and plastic tie are locked with the skeleton, so that the sponge body can be firmly fixed on the skeleton body.

5、The outer skin layer of the seat and the skeleton sponge body molding

The most difficult production point seat leather covering, a seat to meet the standards of the show car, cutting master craftsmanship is essential, not only the size to be measured accurately, vision and usual experience to be very unique. A seat usually cut leather plate will be more than three times, together with the seam, together with the line, together with the body curvature, face and tail pattern, grain neatness, etc.. After the final package is formed, the whole seat also has to be accepted for an appearance size. It is also a difficult and precise point to ensure the appearance size on a soft product for the first set of seat molding.

Car seat rapid forming

Auto leather show car rear hollow armrest

Rapid prototyping production rear hollow armrests craft exquisite, many car seat professionals will be a bit surprised after looking at the fast seat rear hollow armrests, this seat are soft products, but the rear seat hollow sliding armrests, both can be turned up as a backrest, and can be turned down to do armrests, and turned up to do backrests when the surrounding seams are still so neat, very perfect, this is how to do it? Rapid forming rear hollow armrest belongs to the purely manual technology, to say a little depth, including a set of seats of the entire process and process are very complex. If you want to know the mystery of this, then continue to pay attention to industrial man rapid prototyping!