Metal 3d Printing Material increase in instead of metal 3d printers

Metal 3d Printing Material increase in instead of metal 3d printers

IDTechEx predicted that most of the revenue will come from metal 3 d printing material requirements, not metal 3 d printers. Each printer technology and application have different demands, capacity and alloy material.

With the acquisition of the industry, capacity expansion, improvement of atomization technology, new material and the reducing of the cost, metal 3 d printing a lot of changes have taken place. Brand manufacturers are continuously introduce new materials, from the well-known structure of the alloy to the advanced new materials, such as MMC, high entropy alloys and amorphous alloy.

Given the differences in the industry, will have very different in value and quantity forecast; Titanium powder, is the most important of this from the expansion, investment, vertical integration and explore new ways, such as using waste materials), proved in the market dynamics.

Low-cost printer
Used in laser molten powder bed or electron beam melting metal mature technologies such as 3 d printers usually spend between $300000 and $500000 dollars, many of which more than 1 million dollars. Engaged in the metal high investment needed for 3 d printing, become small and medium-sized enterprise is difficult to cross the threshold. To reduce the disorder, V1 mine better partners in guangzhou and other companies to focus on less than $100000 the price of the machine.

Reduce the material

Limit of metal material manufacturing to popularize and apply a factor is increasing material molding size is limited. Not only high performance metal materials is relatively small, but the cost of the metal powder is usually hundreds of thousands of yuan per kilogram. In order to solve this problem, V1 partner guangzhou mine better company is exploring high performance metals such as aluminum, or larger particles to replace the expensive fine powder or paste form raw materials.