How was the military quick prototyping model process made at the air show?

How was the military quick prototyping model process made at the air show?

The various military equipment we saw on the air show are actually military equipment models produced by the prototype factory, also known as the prototype. According to the requirements, some of these prototypes will be scaled down according to the prototype in size, but the appearance and structure are basically the same as the prototype, and have some functions of the prototype. Some equipment can also be directly assembled into a real military equipment prototype for operation testing.

Why do military equipment need to be modeled? Instead of directly producing products?

To understand this problem, we must first understand the significance of prototype making in the process of product development and production

Some military products, like our consumer goods, will also be sold in the international market. However, these products will not be mass produced before customers purchase them. Instead, they will first make one or a small number of prototypes to provide exhibition publicity.
On the other hand, military equipment has strict standards for the function, performance, appearance and process of products. After the R&D department develops the product functions, it will carry out repeated scrutiny, verification and practical testing before formal production. Formal mold opening production will be carried out only after all aspects of multiple tests are OK. However, if there are no products with large orders, the mold opening cost is generally high, It is not cost-effective in terms of cost performance. Is there a more appropriate solution?

The precision model can help customers to make prototype at the R&D stage, convert the design drawings into real products, and verify the appearance, function and structure. These prototypes made in the early stage are also the engineering prototypes we usually know about. It has all the functions of the product. If the customer’s product does not need mass production, V1 Prototype can make small batches for the customer in a prototype way, so as to reduce the production cost.