How good is China’s 3D printing technology?

How good is China's 3D printing technology?

According to reports, the US fighter jet F22 has been installed. The most exhilarating thing about this fighter jet is that its parts are made from 3D printing technology, a technology that is capable of making the maintenance of the US military’s fighter planes much cheaper, which saves very much money and effort. In addition to the US as a country, the UK and China are also the owners of this 3D technology.

Over the past few decades, 3D printing technology has developed at a particularly rapid pace, and its emergence has changed the traditional process, with its high efficiency and quality.

China is not only able to make large parts with 3d printing equipment, but also small parts can be done very smoothly, and can also print single crystal blades, which shows that China is already very strong in this technology. As China’s 3D printing technology strengthens, their position in this field is becoming higher and higher. It has also made a huge difference to the perception of China by other powers in the world. The US uses Chinese 3D printing technology to make small parts for its F22 fighter jets, and it also relies on other Chinese technologies such as industrial robots and monocrystalline blades.

In the future I believe this kind of printing technology, will become one of the important technology for the production and maintenance of fighter jets, I believe, this is a very welcome and congratulatory thing for China, when necessary or when other countries are not friendly to China, China is able to take some necessary means, so if there is no Chinese 3D printing technology, then the American F22 may be to lie down!