Handcrafted boards – wire cutting


With the development of the industry, and nowadays the application of wire cutting process in the production of hand board is becoming more and more widespread, wire cutting is short for CNC EDM wire cutting processing, the basic working principle of wire cutting is the use of moving metal wire as a tool electrode, and between the wire and the workpiece with pulse current, the use of pulse discharge corrosion effect on the workpiece for cutting processing. It is often used in the production of radiator boards, electronic cigarette boards and other products. The solution to the usual CNC processing thickness of metal difficult to process, the high cost of the problem. EDM wire cutting machine according to the wire speed can be divided into low-speed one-way wire EDM wire cutting machine (commonly known as “slow wire”), high-speed reciprocating wire EDM wire cutting machine (commonly known as “fast wire”) and vertical rotary EDM wire cutting machine three categories.

1, slow walking wire Slow walking wire cutting machine cutting speed is generally 0.2m / s, accuracy of 0.001mm level, usually with copper wire as the electrode wire. Electrode wire for low-speed one-way movement, processing surface quality close to the level of grinding, its work is smooth, uniform, small jitter. The surface of the hand board is relatively flat and smooth.

2, fast-walking wire cutting machine tool (reciprocating wire EDM machine tool) electrode wire is generally used molybdenum wire, general processing speed up to 6 ~ 12m / s. Due to the processing of the electrode wire is reciprocating wire, and the machine tool can not apply constant tension control on the electrode wire, so there will be electrode wire jitter and other phenomena, resulting in broken wire. And the accuracy and surface smoothness of the made hand board will be reduced. But the cost is relatively low

3, vertical rotary EDM wire cutting machine tool vertical rotary EDM wire cutting machine tool relative to the above two machine tools, the electrode wire more than one around the axis of the rotary motion, the processing speed of 1 ~ 2m / s. Due to the existence of rotary motion, the processing process has produced a series of beneficial process effects, such as: electrode wire wear uniformity, wire life is extended; electrode wire movement of the smoothness of a significant increase in the rate of wire breakage decreased The rotary motion allows a smaller tensioning force to be applied to achieve a higher machining accuracy.

Process characteristics Wire-cutting technology has the following main characteristics.

1, there is no significant mechanical chip force in the processing, regardless of the hardness and rigidity of the workpiece, as long as the conductive or semi-conductive materials can be processed. However, it is not possible to process non-metallic conductive materials.

2、Small holes and complex shaped parts can be processed, but blind holes cannot be processed.

3、Low loss of electrode wire, high processing accuracy.

4、The slit produced during processing is narrow and the amount of metal etched is small, which is conducive to the reuse of materials.

5、When the workpiece material is too thick, it is more difficult for the working fluid to enter and fill the discharge gap, which will affect the machining accuracy and surface roughness.

6、Cracking and deformation may occur on the surface of the workpiece during processing. Before processing, appropriate heat treatment and rough machining should be carried out to eliminate defects in material properties and rough shape and improve processing accuracy.

7, through the CNC programming technology to the workpiece, can be adjusted to the processing parameters, easy to achieve automatic processing. The need to do the hand board can be found in the Shenzhen hand board factory of the Ming Xin hand board model company, Ming Xin model is a professional do hand board model of Shenzhen hand board factory, excellent hand board technical team and complete sets of hand board production equipment for you to produce a quality hand board model.