Do you understand the meaning and direction of rapid prototyping

Do you understand the meaning and direction of rapid prototyping6c65f9d72bb-1

Greatly shorten the development cycle of new products, to ensure the time of new products to market;
—— shorten the manufacturing time of model or mold several times or even tens of times

Increased ability to make complex parts;
—— enables the direct manufacture of complex models

Significantly improve the primary success rate of new product launch;
—— can timely find the product design error, do early find the error, early change, avoid the change of the follow-up process caused by a lot of losses

Support synchronous (parallel) project implementation;
—— Makes design, communication and evaluation more visual, so that new product design, sample manufacturing, market order, production preparation, and other work can be carried out in parallel

Support technical innovation and product design improvement;
—— helps optimize product design, which is especially important for industrial appearance design.

Reduce the cost of new product research and development;
—— saves a lot of cost of mold opening

Rapid die manufacturing can quickly achieve single and small batch production. Make the new product on the market time greatly advance, quickly occupy the market.
In a word, RP technology is the world’s advanced manufacturing technology and new product research and development means in the 1990s. In industrially developed countries, RP technology has become an important strategy for enterprises to ensure R&D cycle and improve design quality in the process of new product development. At present, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the product replacement is accelerating. In ORDER TO maintain the competitiveness of our products in domestic and foreign markets, it is urgent to increase investment in new product development and enhance innovation consciousness, while actively adopting advanced innovation means. RP technology can realize the rapid manufacture of new product samples with arbitrary complex shape without any tool, mold and fixture. With the RP technology rapidly create models or samples can be directly used in new product design verification, function verification, validation appearance, engineering analysis, market order and so on, is very beneficial to optimize the product design, thus greatly enhance the success rate of new product development, improve the market competitiveness of products, shorten the development cycle and reduce development costs. The establishment of Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Technology Productivity Promotion Center provides a good prerequisite for the application of RP technology in product innovation activities.
The development direction

RP technology has been applied in many fields, and its application scope is mainly in the design and inspection, market prediction, engineering testing (stress analysis, air duct, etc.), assembly testing, mold manufacturing, medicine, aesthetics and other aspects. RP technology is most used in manufacturing industry (67%), indicating that RP technology has a great role in improving the design and manufacturing level of products.
Rapid prototyping technology still has many shortcomings, the next research and development work mainly in the following aspects:

  • Improve the reliability, productivity and production capacity of the rapid forming system, especially improve the manufacturing accuracy of the rapid forming system
  • Develop an economical rapid prototyping system.
  • Rapid prototyping method and process improvement and innovation.
  • Application of rapid die manufacturing.
  • Develop rapid prototyping materials with good performance.
  • Develop high performance software for rapid prototyping.

Technical characteristics

  1. Rapid manufacturing
    RP technology is an effective means of complex prototype or parts manufacturing in concurrent engineering, which can make product design and mold production synchronized, so as to improve the efficiency of enterprise research and development, shorten the product design cycle, and greatly reduce the cost and risk of new product development. It is especially suitable for products with small size and irregular shape.
  1. Integration of CAD/CAM technology
    Is for design and manufacturing integration has been a difficult problem, computer aided process (CAPP) at this stage because it is impossible to completely with CAD, CAM seamless docking, it is also a restriction has been one of the difficulties of manufacturing informatization, and rapid prototyping technology integration of CAD, CAM, laser technology, numerical control technology, chemical engineering, material engineering, etc, The perfect realization of the concept of design and manufacturing integration.
  1. Fully reproduce 3D data
    After rapid prototyping, the finished parts can reproduce the 3D modeling completely. No matter the special-shaped surface on the outer surface or the special-shaped hole in the inner cavity, the modeling can be completed truthfully and accurately, basically no longer need to repair with external equipment.
  2. There are many kinds of forming materialsThere are many kinds of materials used in all kinds of RP equipment, resin, nylon, plastic, paraffin, paper and metal or ceramic powder, basically meet the mechanical properties of the vast majority of products to the material requireme.
  3. Create significant economic benefitsCompared with traditional machining method, save on development costs more than 10 times, also, rapid prototyping technology shortens the product development cycle, to appear in the process of new product development of modified design problem greatly reduced, and basically eliminated the modify mould problem, create economic benefits are obvious.
  4. Industry field widely used RP technology after years of development, has basically formed a set of technical system, likewise, applicable industry also gradually expanded, from product design to mold design and manufacturing, material engineering, medical research, culture and art, architectural engineering, and so on are gradually the use of RP technology, makes the RP technology has broad prospects.