CNC Hand Board|How to do CNC hand board processing in hand board factory?


Many customers who have handed over their drawings to the hand board factory want to know how the hand board factory carries out CNC hand board processing so that they can follow up on the hand board model. Here we will talk about how the whole process of CNC hand board processing is carried out in the hand board factory.

First, consider the CNC hand board application of the industry and hand board information

1, common applications are: digital products, household appliances, medical equipment, aviation models, auto parts, etc.

2, the common hand board materials are

a. Plastic: ABS, PC, acrylic, PMMA, nylon PA, POM, PP, etc..

b. Metal materials: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron, copper, etc.

Second, the hand board factory for CNC hand board processing the main process

1, review drawings: after receiving the customer drawings for the initial review of the processed graphics.

2, disassembly: decomposition of assembly diagrams, disassembly, disassembly parts.

3, programming: according to the processing process for CNC programming language.

4, CNC lathe machine processing, on the machine processing, the material above the excess place to remove, so as to get the product prototype.

5, manual processing: just from the machine processing out of the hand board, need to do some manual processing, because the surface has a phi front and so on.

6, surface treatment: sanding, painting, polishing, silk-screening, electroplating, laser engraving and other processing.

7, finished product assembly.

8、Quality testing: after QC department testing there is no problem, you can pack and ship.

9、Packaging and shipping.

The above is the introduction of the whole process of CNC hand board processing, I hope it will help you. CNC hand board processing quality and stability, high processing accuracy, and the efficiency of mass production is very high, is now one of the most common process to do hand board model.