Choosing the right 3D printing method can reduce the cost and error rate of your company


3D printing hand board is to assist customers to improve the design, check the structure of the product, assembly is reasonable, the use of the product user feel, the appearance of the potential guests is how much appeal? So 3D printing hand board is a thing for industrial products, with the presentation of 3D printing, the first saved a lot of time for the development of the guests, the second for the guests to save a large amount of development costs.

In the early years, 3D printing hand board this occupation just presented when, is made by human hands little by little, the degree of mechanization is very low, that era of hand board natural use is also the most inconvenient and bad existence. When some CNC processing center began to use the general bias, hand board this profession has the first big leap forward, to 2000 years later, the market presented high-end SLA laser fast into the equipment.

3D printing hand board occupation only really into high-end, SLA laser rapid prototyping equipment presented, greatly improving the accuracy of the hand board, but also greatly simplifies the hand board production difficulty, due to SLA laser rapid prototyping equipment special processing principle, any complex structure of the product is a one-time molding, only to have processed OK 3D data into the equipment, it will be like a tree growth principle of the same It grows out like a tree.

1) It only takes a few hours to dozens of hours to complete the manufacturing of one or several sets of prototype parts, and the product development cycle can be shortened by more than 40%;

2) No need to machine, turn or open the mold, can directly print prototype parts, greatly reducing the cost of product development;

3) The dimensional accuracy can meet the requirements of industrial grade assembly, the dimensional accuracy of plastic sample parts can reach ±0.1mm, and the dimensional accuracy of metal sample parts can reach ±20μm;

4) The plastic sample is made of high quality nylon 12 engineering plastic material, which has excellent performance of high strength, high toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, etc;

5) Rapid prototype can meet the requirements of a variety of harsh testing conditions, such as wind tunnel test (3000 rpm), water pressure and flow test (more than 10,000 times);

3D printing technology is still in continuous development, its advantages will become greater and greater, and create more and more miracles, 3D printing world is so wonderful, create what I want.

3D printing hand board in the actual application process, can be appropriate according to their own product needs to choose exactly what way to hand board model proofing, choose the right way, can reduce the cost of hand board and error rate of enterprises.