China rapid prototyping manufacturers, talking about the application of small batch production in rapid prototyping processing

China rapid prototyping manufacturers, talking about the application of small batch production in rapid prototyping processing

One of the manual processing services provided by V1 precision model is small batch production. Many of our customers believe that the prototype is to verify the appearance or function and structure of the model samples, and the processing requirements are generally not too much. The quantity is between 1 and several sets, but it is not. This kind of demand only represents the majority of prototype production customers, but some customers will have a small batch of prototype production demand, which is between hundreds and 10000 sets.

1、 Lower cost for small batch production

Some products of plastic materials can be reproduced in small batches by hand, or can be produced in large scale by using steel molds. However, the mold cost is very high when opening the mold. If there is no demand for large quantities of products, the high cost of mold opening will greatly increase the production cost of our products. These increased costs will reduce the competitiveness of our products in the market. I believe that this result is certainly not what we want. Secondly, because the number of small batch production orders is too small, the mold factory with no profit will not accept them. Even if we want to open the mold for production, we cannot find a processing factory willing to accept orders. However, small batch production is a very cost-effective business in the prototype factory. Even if the profit is slightly lower than the customized prototype, the prototype factory is also very willing to accept it. On the customer side, although the production cost of a single product has increased, the total production cost has decreased.

2、 Shorter production cycle in small batches

The production cycle of steel mould is relatively long, ranging from about one month to several months, which does not include the time required for modification and adjustment. The small batch of prototype customization can be put into production as soon as 1 day. The small batch production service provided by V1 precision model can flexibly select the appropriate processing method according to the customer’s order quantity and product requirements, so as to quickly solve customer needs. To seize the first opportunity for our product launch.

3、 Small batch production can flexibly control costs

We can’t guarantee that new products will sell well after being developed. If we rush to open the mold for mass production, in case of poor sales, we will lose nothing. However, the market can be flexibly adjusted through the small batch production of the prototype, and the launch test can be carried out according to the market demand. If the market feedback is good and the demand is strong, we can carry out small batch production and supply while preparing for mold opening for mass production. If the sales volume is not good, we can also stop production in time and adjust the products according to the feedback from the consumer market.