8 tips to improve the level of die casting mold design


Die casting die casting is a method of casting liquid die forging, a process completed in a special die casting die forging machine. Die casting production including die casting materials, die casting equipment, die three major elements, is indispensable. The so-called die casting process is the organic comprehensive use of these three elements, so that the appearance, internal quality, size in line with the requirements of the drawing or agreement can be stable and efficient production of qualified castings, or even the process of high-quality castings. To make a set of high quality die casting mold, not only need advanced processing equipment and skilled die manufacturing workers, but also need to have a good mold design.

Excellent die casting mold design features:

First, to meet the requirements of customers for pressure casting mold;

Second, low processing cost, small processing difficulty and short processing time;

Third, the shortest time to produce qualified products out;

As an excellent mold designer, we should not only fully digest customer requirements, but also have a full understanding of equipment, mold structure and production technology and production and processing capacity.

How to improve the level of mold design, on this issue, Dongguan Zhumei Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. according to their experience from the design and development of die casting mold, mold manufacturing, workpiece die casting molding, surface treatment, mentioned from the following ten aspects:

I. Analysis and research of competitive products and similar products in the market

Can be from direct or indirect competitors of die casting products, they are living textbooks, each product is a successful example; Can be analyzed from the material, parting surface, push rod layout;

2. Read more books and magazines related to die casting mold

As a mold designer, besides mastering the mold design manual, I should read more books and magazines related to mold at ordinary times, pay close attention to the development trends of the mold industry, study some special mold structures, and understand the latest technology and market conditions in the development of this industry.

3.Reflect on past works

Often reflect on the previous design of die casting mold, which structure is successful, which structure can be improved, and what improvement and help for the next design. Even if the design is very reasonable at that time, due to the reason of time and understanding, there will be some improvement after the verification of production practice. At the same time, the design of more reference to the past design of similar drawings, learn its experience and lessons.

4. multiple alternatives, the best to provide solutions

Before drawing each set of mold products, we should think more about several schemes, measure the advantages and disadvantages of each scheme, and then summarize the actual situation, and discuss with the unit leaders and colleagues to choose one.

5. To follow up the whole process of their own design of the mold

After submitting the mold design scheme, we should communicate with the production department to understand the processing process and the use of manufacturing. We should personally participate in the mold trial. Even if the mold is put into production, we should always track its use.

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6. Familiar with the mold processing technology

Personally and directly to the first line factory to understand the processing technology, understand the company's internal characteristics of each processing equipment, and limitations.

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7.Familiar with the working process and debugging of die casting machine

For a mold design engineer, in addition to be familiar with the processing equipment of the mold department, the processing level and processing habits of the workers, but also must be familiar with the equipment of the die casting department, familiar with the debugging of the die casting machine.

8. Good at summary and internal sharing

The design team should analyze and summarize the company's past typical and excellent die casting molds, and often hold sharing meetings to continuously improve the overall mold design level through summarizing and sharing gains and losses.