3d printing technology explained, what is 3d printing rapid prototyping technology?


3d printing additive manufacturing technology is an advanced manufacturing technology and an important step for China’s industrial manufacturing industry to keep pace with internationalisation. The so-called additive manufacturing technology is an industrial manufacturing method that transforms the traditional subtractive processing technology into an additive processing technology.

This not only saves printing material, but also increases the precision and speed of manufacture. This workpiece is already a very fine finished product. Let’s take a closer look at this advanced machining and manufacturing technology.

3d printing rapid prototyping technology was introduced from abroad. Additive manufacturing technology can be traced back to the late 1980s. It is an advanced processing technology based on mechanical engineering, CAD, reverse engineering, layered manufacturing technology, CNC technology, materials science and laser technology.

Greatly improve the level of automation of industrial manufacturing and the processing speed and accuracy of the workpiece, the workpiece can be made directly from the design drawings into a finished 3d printed hand board, which is convenient for designers to trial production and redesign.