10 years of mechanical processing master summary of the machining process

10 years of mechanical processing master summary of the machining processgc21b64600186e_b

The mechanical processing process is the step of workpiece or parts manufacturing processing, using the method of mechanical processing, directly change the shape, size and surface quality of the blank, so that it becomes a part of the process called mechanical processing process.

For example, the processing process of a common part is rough machining – finishing – assembly – inspection – packaging, is a general process of processing.

 Machining process is on the basis of process, change the shape, size and the relative position of production object and nature, etc., making it a finished product or semi-finished products, is each step, a detailed description of each process, for example, it says, roughing may include blank manufacturing, polishing, etc., finish machining may be divided into the car, fitter, milling machine, etc.,

Each step will have detailed data, such as roughness to achieve how many, how much tolerance to achieve.

Technical personnel according to the product quantity, equipment condition and the quality of workers, etc., determine the process of using, as the content of the related process files, this file is called process planning.

The Concept Of Machiningc21b64600186e_b

This is more targeted. Every factory may be different, because the actual situation is different.

 In general, the process is a platform, the processing technology is the detailed parameters of each step and process planning is a factory specific processing technology according to the actual situation.

Mechanical processing process

 Machining process planning/machining process are specified parts machining process one of the files on the technology and operation method, it is under the condition of concrete production, the reasonable technological process and operation method, according to the regulations in the form of a written into process file, used to direct production after approval.

Mechanical processing procedures generally include the following contents: workpiece machining process route and the specific content of each process and the equipment and process equipment, test items and test method of artifacts, cutting dosage, the time quota, etc.

  • Calculate the annual production program and determine the production type.
  •  Analyze parts drawing and product assembly drawing, and conduct process analysis of parts.
  • Select the blank.
  • Draw up the process route.
  • Determine the processing allowance of each process, calculate the process size and tolerance.
  • Determine the equipment and tools, fixtures, measuring tools and auxiliary tools used in each process.
  • Determine the cutting dosage and working hour quota.
  • Determine the technical requirements and inspection methods of each main process.
  • Fill in the process documents.

In the process of formulating technological rules, it is often necessary to adjust the content that has been preliminarily determined before to improve economic benefits. In the process of implementing the process rules, there may be unexpected circumstances, such as the change of production conditions, the introduction of new technology and new technology, the application of new materials and advanced equipment, which require the timely revision and improvement of the process rules.